Dr. Catherine Darley

Sleep for School Success: Focus, Learning, & Behavior

In this interactive talk, Dr. Catherine Darley will share information parents can immediately use to help their children sleep better.  Dr. Darley’s presentation will include tools for individual assessments  and creating sleep plans.  She will also touch on teen sleep, the delay in body clock that occurs with puberty, and adapting to middle and high school early start times. 

Dr. Catherine Darley is the founding director of The Institute of Naturopathic Sleep Medicine in Seattle. She specializes in helping people of all ages sleep well using natural medicine. Dr. Catherine particularly enjoys working with children and their families.  She currently is serving on the Seattle School District’s Bell Time Task Force to align secondary school start times with the time students are best able to learn.  To find out more about Dr. Catherine’s work, visit her website www.naturalsleepmedicine.net, her blog drcatherinedarley.wordpress.com, or twitter @naturalsleepdr.

Dr. Darley will be speaking at Lehman Learning Solutions on March 31st at 7PM.

Seats are limited for this event – please RSVP to reserve your spot.