Executive Functioning Group Workshop

Is your teen struggling in school due to poor organizational skills?  Teens reach a crucial shifting point as they prepare to transition into adulthood.  Is your teen adequately prepared to make this transition successfully?

Specialized Coaching for Scattered Teens
When a teen is struggling to achieve success and independence in school, it’s time to look at what can be done differently.  Lehman Learning offers a unique coaching relationship that can build hope and confidence for floundering teens.  Research shows that an intentional coaching relationship that focuses primarily on supporting teens’ emerging autonomy can significantly help to promote individual self-efficacy and confidence about future success.

The Coaching Model
For those struggling with inadequate executive function skills, coaching is the most effective means of support.  When a teen struggles in this area, parent-teen relationships invariably suffer as well.  Feelings of frustration, worry, and mistrust often begin to dominate family dynamics.

Enlisting an executive function coach can bring about the change many parents feel helpless to create.  With our unique support system, teens can gain the confidence and skills they need to navigate their world with success.

Peer Learning
Guided discussions offer a safe place for teens to explore the struggles of high school together.  Science has repeatedly shown that people tend to learn best from their peers.  Group coaching can be an effective way to create the buy-in necessary for change.  Teens share the need to learn to navigate their daily responsibilities, decisions, and problems with independence.  Planning, organization, time-management, and self-control are among the last of skills in the brain to develop.  These difficult skills are often best cultivated through the synergy of group work and reflection.

Tools Needed to Take Charge
Independence and success require self-control, working memory, emotional control, flexible thinking, organization, sustained attention, task initiation, prioritizing, time-management, goal-directed persistence, metacognition, and self-awareness.  Don’t settle for your teen falling short in school due to disorganization, poor follow-through, or inconsistent performance. Over-functioning for your teen will not work to resolve the struggles they will face in school and life.  If you are experiencing stress, anxiety, and tension in your home due to a lack of these complex skills, let our learning specialists step in to work for lasting change.  Your teen can learn to make healthy life choices for their best future.

We currently have no Executive Functioning group sessions scheduled, but let us know if you are interested in participating in one in the future!