Help For All Ages

“When do I get to stop being his brain?” 

“She is so bright and creative but still struggles in so many ways!”

Have you ever thought this as a parent, or as a spouse?  Do you find yourself over-functioning or have you thrown the towel in and given up?  Such responses are typical when you are living with someone who has learning or executive function deficits, be it a child, teen or adult.  The issues of life may change, but the underlying weaknesses do not.

A frequent question I am asked by parents:

“Is ever too late to strengthen the underlying skills needed for academic and vocational success?” 

The answer, rooted in brain research, is a resounding “NO”.  The brain’s capacity to change, or “brain plasticity”, means that weak skills can be strengthened resulting in new neural growth and connection.

Many adults, young and old, have found ways to cope with their learning and attention challenges.  Often they find a career or a niche that capitalizes on their strengths providing the success they rarely experienced in school.  But too often, there remain arenas of life that are not working well, or in which they continue to experience limitations, frustration and pain.  Many continue on to feel inadequate, lazy or even stupid.

The programs Lehman Learning Solutions provide hope for every age!

Our ability to utilize cutting edge programs that strengthen underlying skills along with programs that target weak skills through academic therapy or executive function coaching enable us to address the needs of teenagers and adults.  Such intervention begins to turn around a ship that is caught in a tide of frustration and limitation. Such intervention resets one’s course in a hopeful direction.

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