A New Approach

When a child struggles in school, several things happen:

A student’s self-esteem is threatened.

Parents experience frustration, guilt, dismay.

Solutions are needed.

Parents question whether the problem is due to laziness or lack of motivation.  They look to teachers, psychologists and doctors to provide solutionsStudent’s  self-esteem plummets as they begin to wonder if they are stupid. And the frustration, guilt, and worry increases for parents.

Our schools are not equipped to provide the solutions struggling students need and confused parents are searching for.  Traditional tutoring and Special Education Services are often insufficient to correct the problem.  Accommodations provide short term support for problems that follow students year after year.  In short, traditional approaches are providing temporary support for struggling learners rather than  resolving their learning problems.


                                  Unequipped Schools

At Lehman Learning we believe that learning difficulties are akin to riding in a bike race with a flat tire. It is a race upon which the student’s self esteem, potential and future rely upon.  Our mission is to take kids off of their bike and fix the tire so that they can have a good chance of competing in the academic world with confidence and success.

Proper assessment is needed to determine the root causes of learning difficulties.  But too often, educational assessments lead to no more than classroom accommodations or more academic instruction.

Learning challenges may occur not only when basic academic skills are poorly developed. More often than not, the problem lies deeper than the ability to read, write and do math. It lies in the underlying skills that support such proficiency.

At Lehman Learning we recognize that if we are going to effectively impact academic learning problems, we must prepare the brain for learning by developing the underlying thinking processes that support academic skills. Utilizing the Neuro Developmental Learning Continuum we can pinpoint and target the areas that need strengthening.  Our direct, intensive, and research based methods result in gains not possible through traditional tutoring.