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Real Solutions for Real Difficulties in
Learning, Attention, Processing & Memory

Lehman Learning is a small, nurturing environment that tackles the challenges of learning difficulties through individualized instruction and supportive one to one relationships with a learning coach. Each student’s intervention plan is based on careful assessment and determination of an effective plan that best fits the student’s needs and parent’s goals. Plans are created with specific protocols and measurable outcomes providing both students and parent a means of knowing where they’re headed, how they will get there, and when they have arrived!

Cindy Lehman, Director

Cindy has spent over 30 years working with children, teens and adults with learning and behavioral difficulties. She holds a B.A degree in education, a Washington State, K-12, teacher certification in Special Education, and a Masters Degree in Special Education. After years of working as a special education teacher in the Shoreline School District, Cindy opened up her private practice in order to provide more effective intervention for struggling learners of all types.

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Her passion has always been to excel in “intervention” – not only utilizing assessment to understand the problem, but creating and implementing plans that will bring about to the changes needed for students to become successful learners. Cindy has been trained in many of the most cutting-edge interventions that are currently being employed around the country to address learning, attention and behavioral challenges. She has extensive experience working with a wide variety of impaired learners ranging from those who are gifted to those who have cognitive and developmental delays. She is a member of the Learning Disabilities Association of Washington, the International Dyslexia Association, and CHADD. Additionally, Cindy is certified as an Edu-Therapeutic Learning Specialist as well as a certified provider of many nationally recognized therapies and program.

The Learning Specialists that work with Cindy are carefully selected and equipped to be effective in their work with students. They are chosen based on their educational background, prior experience working with students as teachers or coaches, and proven abilities to develop supportive, nurturing relationships. Each coach is extensively trained in a variety of academic and cognitive interventions and has demonstrated their competence to work effectively and successfully with their students.

Wendy attended UW and graduated with a Bachelor’s degree in English Literature. After graduation, she worked as an English tutor and preschool teacher for several years before going back to school to earn her Masters in Teaching degree from the University of Washington. In addition to tutoring and volunteering, Wendy has several years of classroom experience working as a general education teacher and specialist. She has also worked with special needs students and English Language Learners.

Serena grew up in Shoreline, Washington, and attended Seattle
Pacific University. She graduated with a Bachelor of Arts in Theology. After
graduation, she moved to Boston, and worked as a Teaching Assistant in special
education. Dyslexia, Bi-polar Disorder, and Low-level reading were some of the
learning differences that she helped students navigate. Serena then pursued her
M.Ed. in School Counseling back at Seattle Pacific University. During her
graduate program, she worked at both the middle and high school levels. While
working as a School Counselor at Ballard High School, she met with students,
identified challenges, and consulted with teachers and parents to implement
success strategies. She also led counseling groups and taught school-wide units
regarding PSAT, career and college exploration, and goal-setting.

Leah graduated from Seattle Pacific University with a B.A. in Educational Ministries and earned a Masters in Teaching Elementary Education from Northwest University. She has taught Kindergarten-Fourth grade and has a wide variety of classroom experience. In addition to being a Learning Specialist, Leah functions as our Administrative Assistant.

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