Summer Programs

Give your Child or Teen a Huge Boost Before September!


OPTION # 1    6 Week Intensive

  • Morning & Afternoon Sessions Available      
  • Sessions run 3 hours a day, 5 days a week

Description: The 6 week intensive involves the integration and completion of 2 or 3 programs that build specific underlying and academic skills.  Integrated and interrelated skills are developed through intensive, repetitive  practice.   Students complete in 6 weeks what would normally take months to do.

OPTION # 2    4 Week “Kick Start” Mini Intensive

  • Morning & Afternoon Sessions Available    
  • Sessions run 2-3 hours a day, 3-5 days a week

Description:  The 4 week intensive involve the integration of 2 or 3 programs that build specific underlying skills and academic skills.  Integrated and interrelated skills are developed through a variety of activities  that will provide a significant kick start to resolving learning and attention weaknesses. 

OPTION # 3    Summer Long Skill Building

  • Morning & Afternoon Sessions Available    
  • Sessions run 1 hour a day, 2-3 days a week

Description: Academic and cognitive skill development focused on one or two areas and spread across the summer months.  Areas of focus include reading, spelling, comprehension, math concepts, math facts, writing, study and test taking prep, memory skills, attention and focus.



Learning, Thinking, Memory, and Listening
Dramatically improve auditory processing and cognitive (brain)skills

Listening                        Attention
Comprehension             Reading
Memory                         Organization
Visual Skills                   Auditory Skills
Logic and Reasoning

Reading Remedies

Intensive remediation for auditory processing, and reading

Phonemic Awareness
Reading Fluency
Listening, Verbal Clarity

Discover Math Plus

Brain training, reasoning and math remediation


Thinking Skills
Math Concepts
Problem Solving 
Math Facts

Attention Focus, Study Skills, Executive Function, & Writing

Sustained Attention
Focus and Concentration
Ability to Multi-Task
Processing Speed
Organization & Study Skills
Writing Skills

5 Responses to Summer Programs

  1. brenda williams says:

    my daughter has recently been diagnosed with ADHD and working memory, reading and writing issues. What are the costs of your summer intensives? She wants to attend Kings this fall and before that could become a reality, she would need some help. looking forward to hearing from you.

    • Cindy Lehman says:

      Hi Brenda,

      The cost of our intensives varies depending on the amount of hours/weeks and which programs are used. Kings is a great school, we actually have a former King’s teacher on staff here now. I’d be happy to talk more specifically with you about cost and how we can help your daughter this summer. You can email me directly at or call (206) 526-8560. Also, you might benefit from coming to a free parent info night here. Every Wednesday evening at 7PM! I do a presentation to go over what we offer here and you can ask questions as well.

      • brenda Williams says:

        Hi Cindy,
        Yes, coming on Wed is a great idea. We have 2 daughters that could use a boost. We’ll probably bring them both as well. We’ve ruled out Kings after talking to Dr. Martin who diagnosed Christy’s learning difficulties. But we want a successful year in public school as well. We’ll hope to see you Wed.

    • Alicia says:

      The honesty of your posting shines thorguh

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