When a student underachieves in school, lacks the motivation to excel, or has lost their ability to thrive in the classroom, there is often more to the picture than weak academic skills. To change the picture we must consider the underlying skills and processes that make learning efficient and effective. With such an approach, we not only can improve academic skills but also develop and strengthen the competencies that promote comfortable, confident learners who can regain their self esteem and a love for learning. The Neuro-Developmental Learning Skills Continuum provides a framework to understand the underlying skills needed for school success.

Lehman Learning has been successful in resolving a wide variety of learning, attention and behavioral problems because we have programs that effectively treat issues across the continuum.  More often than not, students struggling in school are dealing with weaknesses in more than one area.  Lehman Learning Solutions is very unique in that we utilize a variety of brain based, cutting edge interventions that can address a wide variety of issues.  So regardless of where on the learning continuum your child or teen is experiencing weaknesses, we can strengthen them, always moving toward the goal of independent, academic success in the classroom.

Based on the Learning Continuum, Lehman Learning offers programs that target students who are on different parts of continuum. See below for the different programs we offer that target deficiencies in the following areas:

1.  Academic Skills
2. Executive Function Skills
3. Processing Skills
4. Core Learning Skills