Academic Skills

What Are Academic Skills?

All students want to succeed academically in school. The primary reason they don’t is rarely because they lack the intelligence or motivation to do so. Even teachers and parents cannot be blamed for their struggles. It is almost always due to inefficiencies in the mental tools, or underlying skills, they bring to the classroom.

Building proficiency and mastery in reading, writing and math is the primary goal of Lehman Learning Solutions. Our academic programs are designed to develop skills at a foundational level with enough instruction and practice to ensure confident and fluid transfer into the classroom. We understand student’s self-esteem, realization of their dreams and full potential rest upon these basic skills. Our aim is to enable students to develop strong academic skills, while nurturing their  love of learning.

Academic Programs

Wilson Reading Program
Wilson Reading is a research-based reading and writing program that includes sight word instruction, fluency, vocabulary, oral expressive language development and comprehension activities in an organized, sequential system. Read More.

Wired For Reading™ Program*
Wired For Reading™ is an evidenced based linguistics program for reading, spelling, and vocabulary. Simplifying English spelling patterns without compromising them, Wired For Reading empowers students to fluidly break down words when reading and spelling. Students learn to connect speech to sounds, sounds to letters, and letters to meaning. Here at Lehman Learning, we adapt aspects of this brilliant program and incorporate it into nearly every reading program we do.  Read More.
*Wired for Reading™ is a trademark of Wired for Reading, LLC.

AST (Auditory Stimulation Training) Reading & Spelling Program
AST is a reading and spelling program that combines sound therapy and vocal training to insure the development of efficient auditory processing in conjunction with reading and spelling skills. Read More.

AST Comprehension
AST develops the critical underlying skills needed for reading comprehension including: getting a clear message, visualizing while reading, understanding the gestalt and how the details fit in, story grammar, analyzing and answering questions, verbal and applied problem solving. Read More.

Discover Math
Discover Math is influenced by the Visualize-Verbalize approach to comprehension, Discover Math teaches math concepts through the use of manipulatives and the discovery method.

Math U See
Math U See provides a firm foundation in mathematics with explicit, structured, systematic, and cumulative program using multi-sensory teaching techniques. Read More.

EmPOWER Writing
EmPOWER recognizes that writing is a multifaceted, problem-solving process, EmPOWER teaches the writing process explicitly within steps that build on one another.   The goal of EmPOWER is to demystify and systematize the writing process so that students can use the same instructional methods and strategies to write successfully across  the curriculum.