Executive Function Skills

What Are Executive Function Skills?

Executive function skills begins to develop in childhood, throughout adolescence, and into early adult years. They have often been referred to as the boss or CEO of the brain.  Unrelated to intelligence or academic proficiency, these skills are what enable a student to self-manage their work assignments with independence and consistency. When these skills are underdeveloped, students will invariably experience an increasing gap between their academic potential and their actual grades.

Executive function skills are often the missing link for why very bright kids begin to crumble in school.  Often times weaknesses in this area become evident in later elementary or middle school years when homework demands are heavier and require more planning, organization and time management skills.  Often, bright children learn to get by despite their weaknesses until the demands on these constellation of skills becomes overwhelming. Simply put by Dr. Dave Pomeroy, executive function skills involve the part in the brain where decisions are made, attention is harnessed, motivation is generated, and self-regulation is employed.

Executive Function Programs                                                                           Click here to hear personal stories

The Executive Function Program
The Executive Function Program is an extensive program that builds executive function skills through a coaching relationship that directs students to set goals, self evaluate, develop inner visualization and self talk. Read More.

Attention Process Training (APT)

APT is a comprehensive attention training program aimed at improving underlying attention skills including: working memory, as well as selective, divided, sustained an alternating attention.

Attention Focus Training
Attention Focus Training helps build awareness and control. Attention focus training can help people of all ages develop an awareness of their particular kind of attention challenge and learn strategies for controlling it. The goal of attention focus training is for the child to develop the internal awareness and control over his attention that will allow him to function independently and optimally. 

CogMed is the premier program for developing working memory skills which enables one to keep information in their mind, manipulate it, and use it resulting in fluid intelligence. Read More.