Successful Outcomes

Parents coming to Lehman Learning Solutions are looking for answers to the often heartbreaking struggles their child is experiencing in school.  Understanding the problem is the first step.  Setting up appropriate classroom accommodations can give some immediate relief.  But every parent wants long-term solutions that resolve the problem so that their child or teen can function with confidence, independence and success.  The following stories are a glimpse into the lives of a few of the many students at Lehman Learning who have found those solutions.

What parents have to say about Lehman Learning:

“Lehman Learning is a great program and my daughter benefited from it. She is doing great right now. She is thriving in school and reads all the time.”

“Out 15 months at Lehman was the best investment we ever made in my son’s learning, and we’ll do it again in a heartbeat if necessary to obtain additional tools. He loves to learn again and his report cards – although focused on outcomes vs. effort – nevertheless, demonstrate that he is reaching potential, and excelling, in fourth grade.”

“Home life has changed, as has the academic world. We have less clashes before school, or in those ‘need to go now’ situations because he can hear, track, and complete what is needed to get out the door. At school he has had straight A’s since entering 6th grade, and more often than not, he now says to me when I ask about homework, “I got it, Mom. I don’t need help.’ ”

“While my daughter will always have to work at spelling, she is no longer struggling. She has gained self-confidence. She is also an advocate for herself at school and teaches others about what it means to have dyslexia.”

“My son has had such amazing growth since beginning his work at Lehman. This growth has been tangible and visible in his work at school as well as in more abstract features of his development. We are so pleased with the work he is doing now.”

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“The Greatest Thing I Ever Saw.”  Alice’s Story

“College is Now Possible.” Kyra’s Story